Dragunov SVD

Dragunov SVD

Damage - 86

Range - 60

Accuracy - 91

Stability - 35

Mobility - 18

Rate of Fire - 28

Ammo - 10

Dragunov SVD is currently the highest rated semi-automatic sniper rifle in A.V.A. that is purchasable from the shop. While the recoil is high, damage and stability make this weapon a primary choice for many semi-automatic lovers.

Mad galil

Mad Galil

Damage - 85

Range - 85

Accuracy - 87

Stability - 28

Mobility - 15

Rate of Fire - 34

Ammo - 20

Mad Galil, the euro capsule version of the normal Galil, is the best semi-automatic sniper in any version of A.V.A. It has a fairly good 1HKO chance, decent stability, and a high rate of fire. Recoil on the gun is almost unnoticeable and it is easy to control for any player.

Galil sniper

Galil Sniper

Damage - 70

Range - 60

Accuracy - 85

Stability - 25

Mobility - 15

Rate of Fire - 32

Ammo - 20

Galil sniper is the lowest rated semi-automatic sniper in the game, and for good reason. While the 20 ammo clip is tempting, this gun has no 1HKO body shot capabilities at all. Mobility is a bit low, and while the stability looks fine, the gun actually has massive recoil.



Damage - 82

Range - 70

Accuracy - 95

Stability - 20

Mobility - 15

Rate of Fire - 25

Ammo - 5

MSG can be modded to have 20 ammo per clip. Chance to 1HKO on this weapon is a bit low, but completely possible even at longer ranges. Unlike many semi-automatics, the MSG has 95 accuracy, which makes it the ideal long range semi. ROF is a bit slow on this gun and recoil is very hard to control.



Damage - 55

Range - 55

Accuracy - 80

Stability - 38

Mobility - 22

Rate of Fire - 37

Ammo - 10

VSS comes with a permanently attached silencer. Because of this feature, the damage on this gun is very low. While still a 1HKO headshot, it takes at least two body shots to kill at CQC ranges, and even up to five body shots at long range. The ROF is high for a semi-automatic, though, and the recoil is very easy to control.

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