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There was a Content Update in A.V.A on April 29, 2010. This patch contained a New Map, New Weapons, the new Daily Quest System, the Report-a-Hacker In-Game Function, 3D Vision Support, a New Purchase System, and Battle Points.

New MapEdit

This update included a new Demolition map called Cannon. An overview of the map is shown below.

You can also see the new FPS counter that appears when you press Tab in the lower left corner.

Content Update 4.29- Cannon

The map overview on the left.

New WeaponsEdit

Pre-Release Capsule Shop: Benelli M1014Edit

The new shotgun called the Benelli M1014 was released into the Pre-Release Capsule Shop for the month of May. The gun is shown below along with its stats.

Content Update 4.29- Benelli M1014

The Benelli M1014 and its stats.

Weapon Shop: Stechkin APSEdit

The Secondary Weapon, Stechkin APS, was released into the regular Weapon Shop.

Content Update 4.29- Stechkin APS

Weapon Shop: FN-FNCEdit

The FN-FNC was released into the regular Weapon Shop as well.

Content Update 4.29- FNFNC


Credits for this page go to the official Content Update - 4/29 thread on the ijji Forums .

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