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There was a Content Update in A.V.A on May 13th. This patch contained a new map, and new weapons.

New MapEdit

This update included a new Annihilation map called Chromite. An overview of this map is shown below.

Content Update 5.13- Chromite

An overview of the map Chromite.

New WeaponsEdit

Capsule Shop: M2 CarbineEdit

The M2 Carbine was released into the Capsule Shop.

Content Update 5.13- M2 Carbine

The M2 Carbine in the capsule shop along with its stats.

Weapon Shop: VSSEdit

The sniper, VSS, was released into the Weapon Shop.

Content Update 5.13- VSS

The VSS and its stats.


Credits for this page go to the official Content Update - 5/13 thread on the ijji Forums .

Credits also go to PvtMarc for helping out with this article.

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