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There was a Content Update in A.V.A on May 27th. This patch contained a new map, new weapons, new melee weapons, new clan items, the new coupon system, and the new clan rank and squad system.

The following was implemented on the May 27, 2010 patch:

India (demolition map).

Awm in the pre-release capsule.

BenelliM1014 in the weapon shop.

Prisoner's foodtray for the coupon system.

Clan knife in the weapon shop.

Clan mask.

New clan rank unlocked: Batallion Requirements: 48 clan members, 800,000 Clan points.

Squads were implemented.

  • Note on the coupons: When you purchase a G Coin Capsule, it will contain anywhere from 1-10 Coupons. You can use Coupons to buy special items, like the Prisoner Foodtray!
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