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To play a game, you need to know the controls. Some of the controls in A.V.A are different then regular game controls, so you should read them below.



n Movement Move the Mouse
Fire Left Click/Hold

Character MovementEdit

Forward W
Reverse A
Left Sidestep S
Right Sidestep D
Jump Space Bar
Crouch Press and hold CRTL to keep crouching
Walking Double Tap Shift
Sprint Shift and W
Crouch Sprint

Ctrl and double Tap W

Working with Equipment Edit

Select Primary Weapon 1
Select Secondary Weapon 2
Select Melee Weapon 3
Select Grenade 4
Select Mission Item (C4, Binoculars) 5
Reload R
Change to previous Weapon Q
Use Night Vision N
Equip with Silencer V
Exchange Weapons G
Disarm C4 and Open/Close Doors E

Change Class Edit

Point Man 6
Rifle Man 7


Quick Chat Edit

Tactical Chat Z
Normal Chat X
Command Chat C
Select a Chat Message 0 ~ 9

Spectator/Watch Mode Edit

When Playing: Change Player (When Dead) Left Mouse Button
When Playing or Spectating: Screen Rotation Right Mouse Button
When Playing or Spectating: Change POV (1st Person, Third Person) Space Bar
When Spectating: Change Player Left/Right Mouse Button or F1
When Spectating: Free Look F2
When Spectating: Zoom In or Out (Only when in Free Look) Mouse Wheel

Other Edit

Exit Game ESC
View Scorecard/Map Overview TAB
Screen Capture Print Screen
Increase Mouse Sensitivity ]
Decrease Mouse Sensitivity [
Increase Game Quality =
Decrease Game Quality -

Some More TipsEdit

Here are some extra tips for you to maximize your A.V.A performance.

1. You can select your branch using 'F1' (Point Man), 'F2' (Rifle Man), 'F3' (Sniper) keys.
2. You can pick up new weapon from the field and change with yours with 'G' key.
3. If you are not sure about how to plant the C4, press '5' key to select the C4 then press 'G' key to drop it. Other players can pick up the dropped C4.
4. To plant the C4, press '5' key while in the 'C4 Setup Area' then press and hold the 'Left' Mouse Button until the C4 is planted.
5. To disarm C4 change, align your crosshairs to the C4 then press and hold 'E' key until C4 is disarmed.
6. You can sprint by pressing the 'W' key twice. You will keep sprinting as long as you hold 'W' key after pressing it for a second time.
7. When in dark areas or in underground facilities, press the 'N' key to use Night Vision. Night Vision will allow easier sighting in unlit areas.
8. For SMGs and some Secondary Weapons, you can equip a Silencer with the 'V' key.
9. When using 'Grenades', you can throw with the 'Left' Mouse Button or roll-in with the 'Right' Mouse Button.
10. You can adjust your Mouse Sensitivity with the '[' and ']' keys while playing.


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