Are you visiting this Wiki for the first time? Well, we have a guide here that will help you view this Wiki in the best way possible. Let me explain something to you first.


As you know, every free website/wiki needs commercials for revenue right? Well, so does Wikia. There are advertisements all over the place. But, there is a way to get rid of them. This is what this guide is about. Read more below.

Why Advertisements Ruin This Wiki

In this Wiki, there are articles which often start out with pictures and whatnot. If there are advertisements, then those articles and pictures get a little messed up. The picture goes all over the place, the text go left and right, and so on. If you want to view this Wiki in one piece, the advertisements need to be removed for sure. We can assure you, if you don't remove the advertisements, the articles will not be smooth and readable that well. So we strongly recommend that you read this guide so you can remove the advertisements.

Steps On What To Do

There are basically 4 steps to remove the advertisements. And you need no programs. All you need is some common sense.

1. Click here.

First Time Viewers- Create an Account

Click on Create an Account.

2. Fill in your details. Make sure you use a valid email.

First Time Viewers- Enter Details

Enter your details with a VALID e-mail address.

3. After creating your account, and logging in, click here.

First Time Viewers- Preferences

Click on Preferences.

4. Click on Skin, and then scroll down. Make sure the checkbox "Show all Advertisements" is UNCHECKED.

First Time Viewers- Skin, Show Advertisements

Read above.

And that's it! You've now removed the advertisements from this Wiki, and now your articles won't be messed up! If you want to see a comparison with the ads and without the ads, then look at the pictures below!

With Ads and Without Ads Comparison

With Ads

First Time Viewers- With Ads

With ads.

Without Ads

First Time Viewers- Without Ads

Without Ads.

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