Sniper rifles are the primary weapons of the sniper class. They have a comparitvly high damage and accuracy, but have a low rate of fire, mobility and high recoil for balancing. They are catagorized into two groups

Semi-Automatic: These sniper rifles have less damage then their bolt action counterparts (see below) but have a higher rate of fire and less recoil. These sniper rifles can be good for quickly taking down single enemies when they cannot see you, however suffer from encountering large groups or being dragged into a firefight after they have been spotted. For more information see Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles

Bolt-Action: These sniper rifles have a large damage (the TGP-1 is the only weapon that can garuntee a kill currently) and in general have more accuracy then their semi-automatic counterparts (see above.) They however have the slowest rates of fire in the game and the worst recoil and mobility as well. They are effective at taking down groups thanks to their large damage but are also generally the loudest sniper rifles, so groups should be taken down with haste before they realize where the noise is coming from. singular targets can also be great prey, unless you miss them and they see where you are shooting from that is. Bolt-action snipers are generally regarded as to being more user-friendly then other snipers.

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