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If you are having technical issues with anything, then you will probably have to go on the ijji A.V.A forums to get some help. Below are links to many guides that may help you solve your error.

Lag Problems- Click Here

How to Stop FPS Lag- Click Here

Video Card Recommendations- Click Here

Error Log Error- Click Here

ijji Reactor Errors/Gameguard Errors- Click Here

Specific ijji Reactor Error Guides and Gameguard Error GuidesEdit

ijji Reactor Technical Problems (by Chihakuryu)- Click Here

  • Covers issues such as Script Errors, White Screen of Death, Firefox issues, Error -1000, GameGuard error 114, 350, and 361, error -3012, (x86) path error, and others.

ijji Reactor Technical Problems (by HMGRF)- Click Here

  • Covers issues such as Error -1013, [81] error, fail to update error, fail to install error, vista issues and more.

Gameguard Update Failure and Error Codes (by Chihakuryu)- Click Here

  • Covers issues like update failure, error codes 340, 350, 361, 380, and more.

Gameguard Error Code Solutions (by Cookies)- Click Here

  • Covers issues like error codes 110, 112, 114. 120, 124, 141, 142, 150, 154, 155, 170, 340, 350, 361, 380, _____ (no numbers), and more.

Gameguard Collision Errors (by Neorah)- Click Here

  • Covers issues like collision with anti-virus software (AVG, McAfee, etc.)- AKA error 114.

Other Issues/ErrorsEdit

0018000C Error (by RealNinjuz)- Click Here

A.V.A Binaries Bug (by GM_Devilito)- Click Here


Credits for this page go to to the ijji A.V.A Forums. Credits also go to all of the people that helped fix these errors/issues by posting useful guides and information.

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